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Pubs of Aldeota enter on the competition to show the potential of their recipes and strengthen clientele. Under the this year’s theme (fruits!), they created creative snacks and with bohemian style

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Those looking good options of bars and restaurants know that Aldeota is a certain destiny – for the variety and quality of establishments. Seeing this cultural and commercial potential, this year Comida di Buteco in Fortaleza recruited five competitors from the neighborhood, who prepared signature dishes using fruits, theme ingredient of this edition.
It was seeking inspiration in the typical flavors of the homeland that Alpendre Bar created “Cajumôndegas” (R$32): a dish with eight meatballs made with cashew fiber, accompanied by special berbecue sauce. “When the organization of Comida asked to prepare something with fruit we immediately thought of cashew, which represents well Ceará. Also we thought on a way to make the fruit not a mere accompaniment, but part of the recipe itself, which would not exist without it “, says Samuel Bede, owner of the establishment.


At Boteco do Barão, the owners thought on a recipe that went beyond regional borders. “We wanted it to be something unique in the whole of Brazil”, says Ricardo Bandeira, establishment partner. The boldness of the bar resulted in the gammon dumpling (R$16, 250g), served with bittersweet sauce and accompanied by pineapple slices.
Throughout the competition, customers who order the dish get another dumpling of the same size for free.
At Birosca da Farra, the search for a different recipe and a fruit that enrich the taste and presentation of the dish resulted in shrimp on Kiwi (R$32, 250g). “We did a research for not to choose a common fruit such as orange or apple, or out of season, which would hinder the supply of th recipe for customers. We saw that the sweet and citrus flavor of kiwi harmonize very well with the shrimp, besides being a very pretty fruit, with that green color and black dots “, explains co-owner Rodrigo Fuser.


At Kina do Feijão Verde, the bet was in the Tulip a lá Kina sauce – a set of 12-15 chicken wings with wine-based sauce, served with grapes. “The recipe was developed especially for the event. When we were in the process of experimentation , we create some recipes and saw that the salty of roasted chicken matched the sauce and fruit”, explains Adriano Costa, the bar owner.
The Special croquette (R$7) of  Bar do Ciço comes with four croquettes of ground beef, accompanied by passion fruit sauce. “We looked for something that was good to be enjoyed with a cold beer”, says Conceição Andrade, who signs the recipe. Set up, visit all and pick your favorite. Yes, the public also participates the contest! After tasting a snack, request a ballot. The opinion of the clientele has 50% weight (same as the jury).

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Phone: (85) 3261.1525

Boteco do Barão
1314, Av. Rui Barbosa. From Monday to Friday, from 3pm to 1am; Saturday, from 11am to 1am.
Phone: (85) 3224.4861

Birosca da Farra
1545, R. Joaquim Nabuco. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 7pm to 1am; Friday, from 7pm to 2am; Saturday, from 5pm to 12pm.
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Kina do Feijão Verde
1697, R. João Cordeiro. From Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday, from 10am to 11:30pm; Friday, from 10am to 12:30pm; Sunday, from 10am to 8pm (time during the competition).
Phone: (85) 3253.7655

Bar do Ciço
165, R. Padre Quinderé. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 11pm.
Phone: (85) 3034.2944

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