Canoa Quebrada: there is always a reason to return

The small fishing village, once hippie village, win modern beach huts, renewing the visual

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A praia é conhecida pelo visual de areias vermelhas. Foto: Anchieta Dantas Jr.

The beach is known for visual red sands. Photo: Anchieta Dantas Jr.

The love of tourists with Canoa Quebrada is not today. Besides the magic that even those who know it can not translate the beach with visual red sands, stands out for buggy rides, rafts, sandboarding and quads. Still famous for lively nights – with people from all over the planet and the most diverse musical styles – has dining and accommodation infrastructure for every taste and budget. And it’s on Broadway, the main street, which concentrates the very best in bars, restaurants, shops and local culture. And if all this was reason for you to go, to back and to lose count of how many times have you been there, you must start planning the next visit.

Born in the village of Esteves, still in the 70s, a small fishing village, once hippie village, is getting a new look. The tents that animate the beach during the day are other breathing air. Inviting pools, numerous coconut trees shading the sands, places to relax, among other attractions and comfort items can already be found, beautifying which of course already calls attention.

As the Secretary of Tourism Aracati, Canoa municipality to which it belongs, the idea is to structure the region, where these establishments are migrating a gastronomic center, gathering around 25 tents, some of them standardized, with access through the dunes. The expectation is that everything is ready by the middle of next year. And the fun during the day will become more attractive, which gives life to night Canoa will also receive another package. “The Broadway will be remodeled,” says the incumbent minister, Thiago Sales.

New Structure

The first change to the narrow strip of sand that separates the dunes and the sea, where most of the stalls still focuses is the Chega Mais. Traditional among tourists who frequent the beach, her debut on the cliffs, very close to the village with interesting structure designed with carnauba straw, treated eucalyptus logs and hardwood lines. The space adds now, restaurant, lounge, water mini-park, infinity pool, shop and kiosks that are sometimes umbrella, forming charming environments. And about 80 coconut trees were planted on the path that leads to the beach where sitting at tables, you can comfortably enjoy the visual paradise.

Em um passeio de buggy, chega-se a verdadeiros oásis em meio às dunas, onde é possível refrescar-se em lagoas, praticar skibunda ou encarar uma tirolesa. Foto: Anchieta Danta Jr.

In a buggy ride, we arrive at true oasis among the dunes, where you can cool off in ponds, practice skibunda and face a zip line. Photo: Anchieta Danta Jr.

Do you felt the urge to take a sea bath? Few steps separate you from the warm, calm waters. An invitation to relax. And next door, soon, Coco Antonio tent will also come with the same footprint as well as Da Lua, both under construction.

On the way to the dunes

In addition to the new concept of tents, worth repeating, or check if you have not already, a buggy ride, when the route, with or without emotion to unfold up beautiful lakes where you can freshen up, go down the dunes of skibunda or face a zip line. Who wants to see Canoa from high, paragliding tours are the suggestion. A different activity is to know Aracati History Center, highlighting the colonial houses and the Museum Jaguaribano. In the evening, the feeling is still climbing the dune sunset. And for those who want to sleep early, it is the Sea Dragon Street, the call Broadway, where everyone goes at night to circulate.

Anchieta Dantas Jr.

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