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On the shelves , more than 200 labels of the drink, coming from various parts of the country

Not only are the wines and beers that have, in Fortaleza, a place reserved for the consideration of several labels. The cachaça, drink whose origin is rooted in the history of Brazil, won just over six months, a specialized shop, that becomes also a bar for happy hour for those who claim to be cachaceiros: Embaixada da Cachaça.

The idea arose precisely for the lack of places which have a greater variety of the sugar cane derived. “We saw a niche market, we conducted a survey and set off to practice”,  says one of the partners of Embaixada, Altino Farias.

Among the options already known by the owners and other discoveries through research and feedback from customers and friends, the place already has more than 200 cachaças, from various parts of the country, and observing the required alcohol content and acidity standards to characterize the drink.


The letter has more traditional labels of the State, as Ypióca 150, to other famous as Claudionor , Germana and Providência, and Nega Fulô produced in Rio de Janeiro. “It has some cachaças more unusual source, such as one shake with honey and lemon that has gastronomical golden threads, which are suspended”, explains Altino. Cachaças vary between R$ 10 and R$ 200 a bottle.


Embaixada da Cachaça also makes room for tasting the drink in the bar that is in the store space. To accompany, classic snacks like panelada, sarrabulho, vatapá, pork ribs and  meat balls. “On Thursdays we have live music on the guitar, and once a month we have samba among friends”, adds the partner.



Embaixada da Cachaça
1245, R. João Brígido, Aldeota. From Monday to Friday, from 9am (store); happy hour 5pm up to the last customer. Phone: (85) 3085.0428


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