Balu Doces – Aldeota

One of the most traditional pastry shops of Fortaleza. Known for its tasty savouries and sweets to really feast your eyes on! The chicken drumstick and catupiry shrimp are among the specialties. For lunch, the Balu offers a menu of delicious fish, chicken and beef jerky, vatapá (Bahian) fish with shrimp and chicken. The pastry shop has a good selection of cakes, especially the Zebrinha. The thematic Balu pies will enrich any celebration.

Creativity, skill and talent in the art of cooking were major factors that made Maria Lucíola Albuquerque Campos, Dona Balu, a reference in the gastronomic universe of sweets and savoury treats in Fortaleza.

Initially she used to sell her delicacies at her garage. There, she used to make various types of cakes, from the simplest to the most refined, custom-ordered for various festivities, especially for grand celebrations.

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Av. Pe. Antonio Tomás, 2133

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