Casa de Moá

  • 16x14 Accessibility
  • Ar Condicionado Air conditioning
  • estacionamento Parking Car
  • musica-ambiente Música Ambiente
  • vinho Wine
  • Restaurante Restaurant

This is a friendly little restaurant and bistro as well as a furniture store! The Chef Louise Benevides is in charge of the kitchen. The establishment
operates the environmentally friendly concept of ‘slow food’, with everything ready just at the right moment! In the bistro, the ingredients come from all over the world, such as the various oils used, which are from France. The highlights of the menu include Risotto with Brie, parma ham, salad rocket and tomato. For dessert, try Moá’s ice cream, or the cottage cheese with hot guava syrup.

How I get there

Rua Visconde de Mauá, 2675 CEP 60125-160 - Fortaleza, Ceará

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