Espetinhos Mimi

Espetinhos Mimi was founded in 1967 (48 years), starting out producing sausages.

In 1970 it began acting in the party organization branch. With the growing demand the company invented a new way to barbecue: the skewer. This method innovated and improved the way to market meat. The idea was patented was exclusive for 10 years. Over the years, and the growing search for Mimi products, the company made its expansion through franchise networks, which is the franchisor’s channel of distribution and relationship to the end consumer.

We work with skewers, grilled, salad portions, desserts, snacks and Brahma Chopp. Here you create your meal in your way and step by step. All very fast and simple. There are so many types of combinations that is impossible you won’t find yours. Our meals are served at any time during our opening hours.

How about a Happy Hour with friends? In addition to traditional skewers, we serve snacks, garlic bread portions, French fries, fried cassava, fried polenta, coalho cheese and more. All accompanied by a ice-cold Brahma Chopp! Is the gang big? Choose the Combo and the Chopp tower that fit the size of your thirst.

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Av. dos Expedicionários, 4444 – Montese (Dentro do Hipermercado Extra Montese)

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