Barbecue always goes down well when the goal is to bring people together.

With an innovative concept and dining experiences developed by barbecue experts, 30 gourmet skewers options such as Sirigado and salmon, pork steak, shrimp with cheese, filet mignon with bacon and more, also highlighting its snacks which are a delight besides healthy fries without oil and known best garlic bread of Cariri.

The differential of the establishment is not only on the menu and its prime cuts, or even the presentation of skewers and snacks, but especially in technology applied in customer service, since electronic orders, the digital menu where you can see faithful pictures of the dishes, not to mention that all options have individual requests. It is noteworthy that the house has two 55-inch screens broadcasting its own program, created especially for the establishment.

Happy Hour with people from work? Corporate events? Birthday? Espettos-Espetinhos Gourmet is ready to welcome your event (up to 20 people offering differentiated service)

Hungry? Come meet us.

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Rua São Paulo, 1497 - Centro - Juazeiro do Norte-CE

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