Gean Hotel

Gean Hotel is located in the center of Tianguá, 325 km from Fortaleza. Tianguá provides visitors a warm and pleasant weather, in an average temperature of 20ºC, with rock fomation corridors that are home to natural waterfalls and fountains, a scene of indescribable beauty. In addition, a very close contact with nature through tours and excursions in its tracks and tourist attractions, centuries-old churches and the radicals and ecological sports, abseiling , zip line, trecking, camping area with ramp for hang gliding and nature sports.
The chalet has 29 suites with fan, refrigerator, TV, telephone and electric shower. Breakfast service, restaurant, bar, waterfalls, ponds, changing rooms and private parking lot.

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Gean Hotel

  • (88) 3671-1515

Rua Deputado Manoel Francisco, 128 - Centro

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