Maravilha Self-Service

Maravilha Self-Service came after many years of experiences, dreams of an adventurous boy who left his hometown in Maravilha, state of Santa Catarina. At 18, he traveled to São Paulo in search of a better future; there were many years of work in SP. Soon after he went to Salvador, and in 2003 finally arrived in Fortaleza with a job offer in the Praia de Iracema.

And so were many round trips between São Paulo and Fortaleza. But the land of the raft was attracting more and more and at the same time he realized that Fortaleza would have a very good area for gastronomy. And so began the planning, research and demand for where could arise Maravilha Self-Service. On January 20, 2014 Maravilha opens its doors at Av. Barão de Studart.

The name Maravilha came up in honor of the hometown where he lived his childhood and adolescence. Maravilha today has a very varied menu, gathering several dishes acquired over 20 years of experience. Here you can find from the barbecue to shrimp, fish and a full buffet with a wide variety of salads. And do not forget to enjoy our delicious desserts.

Maravilha proofs to all its customers that it offers a quality lunch, a wonder! And we thank the preference of each customer.

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Avenida Barão de Studart, 2127 - Aldeota

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