Picanha do Jonas

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Picanha do Jonas is now one of the most reputable restaurants of Fortaleza. It brings strong brand of flavor and excellent service. Picanha do Jonas had its first restaurant in the  Parangaba neighborhood, winning loyal customers. The restaurant strengthened its name for its quality dishes and in December 23, 2003 opened a second house in Montese neighborhood.

The same success happened to this second house, the residents began to go to the restaurant weekly and attract new customers from other neighborhoods. The restaurant began to take a greater impact becayse of this new house. The Parangaba restaurant was closed so that it was opened a better and bigger house in a noble area of ​​the city. Then on September 13, 2007, it was opened the Picanha do Jonas in Bairro de Fátima, with superstructure, comfort and more options to their customers. The restaurant had already been opened with great success and achieved a strong name among the most outstanding restaurants in town.

Always subjecting their employees to training courses, Jonas Farias, entrepreneur and owner of Picanha do Jonas restaurants, maintains excellence in service. In addition, its dishes are praised in books and culinary sites of the city. Picanha do Jonas is associated with ABRASEL (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants) and is always on top for restaurants updates and information across the country. In addition to featured stories about the local cuisine, Picanha do Jonas is also featured awards for the quality control. The restaurant at Bairro de Fátima was awarded in its first year by the SEBRAE’s Quality Seal in Service, and has repeated the feat.

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