Sorella Ice Kid

It all started with a wish two sisters to attract young adults in a location that offers a very tasty snack and ice cream; with mouthwatering syrup. There came Ice Kid. They were right and the success was immediate. Over time, young customers have become mothers, fathers and then began to get children, which was gradually giving one another reality experiences in the cafeteria. Little painting plaster and a space created for the little customers to feel good.

Past few years new desires disturbed the two sisters. Now the question was to offer a “pasta”, but no mere pasta, it had to be “the pasta. It was born Sorella Pasta and guess what? They were right! The most beautiful Italian kiosk of the city captivated pasta lovers and took a special shine in the hottest Meireles corner.

Ice Kid and Sorella has become a space that goes far beyond food and drink. With a contagious space, it gathers parents, children, grandparents, friends and teenagers. Words like, “Hi”! “How are you?” … it’s everybody finding each other… from Monday to Sunday!

To mark the 20th anniversary of this gastronomic success, this two sisters innovated with the desire to offer more culinary delights, only now, in cafés and grilled … behold, the Sorella CaféGrill arises. The commitment of this house is to make you smile at life with much more flavor.


Instagram: @sorellaicekid 

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Avenida Senador Virgílio Távora, 284 - Meireles, Fortaleza - CE

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