Fairs shake the Central Hinterland: start FAICQ X and IX Festleite

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Starting next Thursday, 8/13, and until Saturday, 8/15, Quixeramobim citysebrae, in Central Hinterland and 203 kilometers from Fortaleza, will be milk capital of Ceará. The city will host two parallel events that are true showcases of the milk production chain in the state: the X FAICQ – Quixeramobim Business Fair and IX Festleite – Quixeramobim Milk Festival.

Together, they are expected to draw an estimated audience of 10.000 people and operate about 200 thousand reais during the three-day at Praça da Matriz de Santo Antonio. Partnership fruit between Sebrae Ceará, the City Hall, SescLer, Doce Gostosura, Facet and the producers in the region, both Faicq as Festleite gather attractions such as Sebrae Space Fashion Business, product and animals exhibition and the novelty this year: a Street food Festival.

But the biggest attraction undoubtedly will be the official weigh-in for what promises to be the biggest coalho cheese of the country. The idea is that once again, the cheese exceeds the size of the previous issues. In 2007, the first time the cheese was made ​​for I Festleite, it weighed 350 kg and exceeded the city of Cáceres, state of Mato Grosso, which weighed 230 kg. Already in 2014, the cheese weighed 1302,88 kg. This year, the expectation is that a record will be beaten. Cheeses to the dispute are produced with donated milk by producers in the region and, after weighing the cheese is distributed to the public and what is left over is donated to hospitals and nursing homes.

Events already in the tourist calendar of the State, the two have different goals and natures. FestLeite was created in order to promote, strengthen and develop the agribusiness of the milk production chain, spreading new production, management and marketing technologies, while it values ​​the cuisine and self-esteem of the residents of the region.

FAICQ meets the demands of the productive sectors of the Central Hinterland and functions as a region of economic growth window, with the exhibition of products and services and has increased the tourist visibility to the city that has the largest dairy state, with 60.000 heads and the production of 110 liters of milk/day.


X FAICQ – Quixeramobim Business Fair e o IX Festleite – Quixeramobim Milk Festival
Date: from 13 to 15/08.
Place: Praça da Matriz de Santo Antônio.
Time: From 6pm to 11:30pm.

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