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Pipoca de frango: peito de frango marinado em ervas e empanado com flocos de milho, um dos petiscos. Crédito: Fabiane de Paula

How about celebrating the month of July with a classic sweet and easy to do? It’s brigadeiro time !

Vacation have arrived! To celebrate, we invited to the In the Kitchen sisters Giselle and Michelle, two young women who have the gift to charm with their sweet flavors the lives of many customers in our city bathed in sunlight.

They gift readers – especially children – with a traditional brigadeiro recipe.

Since they were children, the girls had the dream of owning their own business. They began selling stationery, buttery cookies and Dindins. In 2012, they began selling chocolate truffles and, shortly thereafter, specialized in beautiful and tasty gourmet brigadeiros.

They created then a charming bicycle, a gourmet bike filled with brigadeiros and cakes – named Chica Marrom Brigaderia (85-98611-6703 / 98742.2311 / 99996.9799). They perform all stages, from creation to production and sales, which makes a whole difference to the final product.

Chica Marrom is traveling and participates in all the gastronomic events of the season, in addition to service weddings, children, baptized parties and other celebrations.

The product is of high quality and brigadeiros, cakes, filled chocolates and chocolate bars are made with Belgian chocolate and French butter – ingredients that give a touch of class.

Giselle and Michelle are always in food trucks events and disclose their itineraries on social networks. In the coming weeks, they will be inGold Mall Project Park, at Varjota Food Park and Chefs in the Square in the Parque Bisão  in Beira Mar.

Make brigadeiro and taste also of the wonders made by the girls. Good appetite!

Traditional brigadeiro
25 min
100 unites

3 cans of sweet condensed milk
6 tablespoons of powdered chocolate
1 cream can
2 tablespoons of unsalted butter

1 – Put all ingredients in pan, mix well and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until the dough starts to come unglued from the bottom. When in point, remove from pan and transfer to a glass container.

2 – Cool it, mold the little balls, pass them in granulated of your choice and accommodate them in the molds.

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