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Here you will find the best leisure in Fortaleza and Ceara’s hottest tourist destinations, which have been through a careful selection process. This difficult task was carried out by a jury of 14 experts, invited by the Diário do Nordeste. Profiles and varying professions – from journalists to entrepreneurs and chefs – these jurors share the expertise in taking advantage of the tasty fun and charming places Ceará has to offer. Altogether, there are 100 recommendations for restaurants, beach bars, pastry shops, bars, concert halls, nightclubs etc., with the seal of approval of Fortaleza’s experts. The criterion of choice of establishments by the jury is subjective, based on their visits and dining experiences. In case of a tie, we take into account the classification of the establishment with the Sebrae Seal, and if two establishments are still tied, the choice is made by the president of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants of Ceará (Abrasel / CE).


In order, from left to right:

1) Karol Monteiro
With a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism from the University of Fortaleza (Unifor) and a Masters in Tourism from the University of Caxias do Sul, she has worked for hotel companies like Marina Park and agencies such as Casablanca. She is currently Professor of the Higher Technology Course Events at Unifor.

2) Elpídio Nogueira
With a degree in medicine from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), he is a gynecologist/obstetrician and sonographer, a graduate in business administration, and specializes in human resources management. Today he is councillor for the “Pros” in Fortaleza in his fourth term.

3) Louise Benevides
A chef with 13 years of experience who has studied at Le Cordon Bleu in France, where she also worked. Three years ago she ran the Bistro de Moá. A dedicated chef who loves what she does, she is especially a lover of simplicity. Her ingredients are lively and her cuisine is direct and outspoken.

4) Enid Câmara de Vasconcelos
A Sociologist, with a postgraduate degree in planning, management and event organization. She is the events director for the International Skal Brazil, Northeast Regional Director of the Brazilian Academy of Events and Tourism, President of the Brazilian Chamber of Events and Director of Prática Eventos.

5) Adriana Martins
A journalist and reporter on Caderno 3 (Culture) and editor of Guia do Sabor (Cuisine)of the Diário do Nordeste. In the course of her daily work, she has many opportunities to learn about the city, its artists, its history, culture and att ractions.

6) Anchieta Dantas Jr.
Graduated in both Economics (Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and Journalism (Fanor), with a Master’s degree in logistics, (UFC) with an emphasis on sustainable development. He edits the Caderno Tur and Andarilho travel blog and writes a column Seu Real in the Diário do Nordeste.

7) Verônica Patrício
A businesswoman, she is a graduate in Tourism and Hospitality. In the profession for 29 years, and working in travel agencies, tour operators and airlines, she is a partner in Ceará Travel. She is currently president of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies of Ceará (ABAV-CE).

8) Ildefonso Rodrigues Lima Neto
A graduate in Social Communication and an MA in Social History from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). Master in Journalism (Communication Business management – ICCS, University of Navarro). He is currently the Director Editor of the Diário do Nordeste newspaper.

9) Alci Porto Gurgel Junior
An economist, he graduated from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), and also specialized in Consultant Training at the University of São Paulo (among others), as well as having att ended the Disney’s Approach to Quality Service in the USA. Dedicated to the cause of small businesses.

10) Régis Medeiros
A Graduate in Business Administration from Unifor, he was a director of the Ceará Industrial Centre (CIC), president of the Brazilian Association of Hotels (ABIH) and Fortaleza Convention & Visitors Bureau. He is currently president of Fortaleza Convention & Visitors Bureau/Visit Ceará.

11) Guilherme Sampaio
Secretary of Culture of Ceará. An educator, he is a Graduate in Accountancy from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and has a degree in Business Administration. Elected as a councillor for the fi rst time in 2004, he has worked in the areas of education, health, culture, environment and human rights.

12) Darlan Teixeira Leite
A student of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), he entered the hotel business in 1989, when he built the Hotel Praia das Fontes in Beberibe. He presides over the Brazilian Association of Hotels (ABIH-EC) and the Ceará Association of Tourist Municipalities (AMTUR-CE).

13) Rodolphe Trindade
With a degree in Audio-visual Techniques from the Association Nationale Pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes (AFPA), he is a founding partner of the Pirata Bar and President of the Fundação Pirata Marinheiros. He is currently president of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel / CE).

14) Erick Vasconcelos
He has served as the Managing Director of Ceará Tourism Bureau, an advisor to the President of the Court of Municipalities and Secretary of Tourism in Aquiraz. Today he is the executive secretary of the Fortaleza Tourist Offi ce. An amateur triathlete, he has completed eight “Ironmans”.


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