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For 15 years in Fortaleza, the French restaurant Marcel launches commemorative menu and toasts its customers with special actions

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If lasting relationships are marked by small concessions among those involved, the story of Marcel restaurant with Fortaleza can well illustrate one of these narratives. While the little land is allowed to know and fall in love with the exquisite touch of French cuisine, the staff of the French-inspired house made room in the kitchen to add some typically Ceará flavors.

Now, to toast 15 years of operation, the restaurant brings a celebratory menu, full of nostalgic, tasty and captivating details.
The menu, released on the 13th, brings together two lines that guide Marcel kitchen: maintenance of old recipes and the commitment to always put something new on the list of options.

“This menu actually is a rescue of dishes from the important times of restaurants, and also the result of requests from some customers, which resulted in different dishes,” explains Marcel administrator in Fortaleza, Fabricio Bisol.
The selection also defined by Fabricio as compact includes couvert, starter, main course and dessert, harmonized with a glass of sparkling Ferrari – which are brand ambassadors in Fortaleza. The choice of dishes was guided by one of the founders of the house, Max Keller, who took care to use noble ingredients that went along with the moment of celebration.

Meal starts with a portion of codfish balls, accompanied by a glass of Ferrari Maximum Brut. Then comes the starter: a smoked salmon carpaccio, scallops sautéed or brie cheese souffle with spinach. For the main course, options are even more inviting: grilled halibut, haddock soufflé, medallion fillet a la Siberian or lobster – for the latter option, the client has at its disposal 20 staging suggestions.

Finally, the dessert, which can be a fruit souffle or Picasso’s palette, a mix of ice cream and sweets to behold. The package is individual, costs $180 and entitles also to participate in a game proposed by the restaurant. “We have two glass boxes, sealed, filled with stoppers. Who orders the celebratory menu, gets a voucher to try to guess how many corks are there. At the end of the year, who hit or get closer to the numbers, you win a dinner for two at Marcel and a weekend at the Holiday Inn Fortaleza”, explains Fabricio.

Besides the birthday menu, available all year, the restaurant will launch other actions throughout 2015 to mark 15 years in Fortaleza. One of them warrants until this Sunday (26), a glass of sparkling wine to customers who ask any couvert from standard menu.

French in Ceará
Marcel restaurant  came in 1955 in São Paulo, specialized in soufflés; in Fortaleza, won a specialized version in fish. ” Lobster and Sirigado are our flagships. We are in a totally tourist town, so who comes to visit Fortaleza want to eat seafood, and the cearense also appreciates that a lot “, explains Fabricio, revealing the menu adjustments from Ceará’s ingredients.

The arrival in Fortaleza was by the invitation of the Holiday Inn, with which they maintain partnership until today. Even with the emphasis on seafood, it is a French inspiration that rules the kitchen and ensures classic recipes of the European country. “Escargot, foie gras, haddock, lamb, these good French dishes we have on our menu. And if you come asking for a dish eaten at Marcel many years ago, we do it again”, says the administrator.

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