São João: Modern and Junine

In the mood of June, chef Karliano Pereira features a creative recipe of bread with coalho cheese and corn.

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We invited to this week “Na Cozinha” chef Karliano Rola Pereira, from Rosmarino Pães. He offers us a very regional recipe, very suitable to June festivities, and also modern, adding corn and tasty coalho cheese.

The result is majestic and simple at the same time. Rosmarino (Dr. José Frota street, 123, Varjota; Phone: 85- 3248.7444) has a huge menu of bread – from traditional Italian, Australian and Portuguese to Karliano’s own creations.


Karliano Pereira

A nutrition scholar, he is baker-chef, graduated at the famous ICIF, Italian School located in Brazil, in Flores da Cunha, RS. He is a consultant in the area, plans and prepares signed menus for new establishments.


Corn bread with coalho cheese

Time: 1h30

Makes: 1 un




850g of plain flour

150g of corn flour (big flakes/flocão)

15g of dry yeast

550g of water

20g of sugar

50g of butter

20g of powdered milk

100g of corn grains (can)

20g of salt

Coalho cheese to taste


1. Combine it all dry (less salt) in a bowl or over a properly sanitized table.

2. Gradually add water and corn grains. Mix it well (kneading) and add the salt.

3. Let it rest for about an hour. Round it, add cheese, and let it rest for half an hour or so.

4. Bake it in preheated oven (180Cº) for half an hour or a little more depending on the oven.

Memory: Junine dishes

Grude Cake:

Since my childhood to this day I like the cake that my grandmother, Maria Luiza Person dos Santos, used to serve to her grandchildren. Tapioca are also delicious.


Carol Bezerra

First-Lady of Fortaleza

Corn and sweet potato:

Corn and sweet potatoes roasted on the fire. The fertility of the land celebrated around the fire, each of us repeating our ancestors. Reverence to the hunger to live.


Izabel Gurgel


Aluá and pé de moleque:

I love aluá and pé de moleque. I used to eat it at the junine festivals in my school, João XXIII Institute. Once the aluá was tastier; later we found out it was a sandal inside it!


Claudio Jaborandy

Famous cearense, TV actor

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