Sebrae launches movement to reinforce the importance of small business to the economy and job creation

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Small businesses have been doing more and more the differencesebrae in job generation in the country. According to CAGED- General Register of Employed and Unemployed, relative to March/2015, for example, small businesses accounted for the net generation of 41.342 CLT formal employment in the country, while the medium and large companies continue to lay off more than employ, recording negative balance (net layoffs) of 25.072 jobs.

Comparing the balance of jobs created by SMCs in March 2015 with registered by them in the previous month, there was significant increase of 442% and in comparison with the same month last year, it is observed increase of 1.764%.

compre do pequeno negocio sebrae

Evaluating the performance regionally, it appears that Ceará presented in the Northeast, the best balance of formal jobs created in the service sector (where tourism is inserted) in the last 12 months. The General Register of Employment and Unemployment (Caged) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, also show that Ceará recorded 13.890 jobs in surplus, accounting for 38% of jobs created in the region.

In the analysis of results by activity within the service sector, the accommodation and food sectors showed the best results, ranking the first place in the ranking of Ceará in surplus. 3.655 jobs were generated by these activities in the last 12 months, which represents about 26% of all vacancies within the service sector in Ceará .


And to ensure the maintenance of the good performance of small businesses, that Sebrae released yesterday, 05/08, the movement “Shop from Small Business”. The initiative is national and aims to show society the advantages of encouraging small businesses, prioritizing them at the time of purchase.

Mainly because, when buying the small business, consumers strengthens the local economy and promotes gains for the community, while increasing the competitiveness of the segment that more jobs and income generated in the country and in the state.

Smaller and more closely of its consumers, small businesses have an advantage in times of crisis, as their relationship with their customers is different and there is a more direct response from the manager when there is a change in the needs of its consumers, which It leads to greater agility in promoting new arrangements, for a large company. Hence the idea of ​​the movement, which aims to bring together the whole society around the strategic importance of the MPE in this difficult time of economy.


– In Brazil there are today 8.9 million micro and small, as well as 5 million individual microentrepreneurs and 5.2 million farmers.

– In Ceará are 433.791 micro and small enterprises

– In Brazil , small businesses account for 94% of the business population, generate 52% of jobs, 40% of wages and account for 27% of what is produced.

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