Driks to know and hamonize

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Always seeking actions that instigate your audience, Geppo’s group has just launched two new features. The first happens in restaurants Geppos Jardins Open Mall (1011, Av. Des . Moreira) and Geppos Beira Mar (3222, Av. Beira Mar), promoting “Harmonize + your pizza”. From Monday toThursday, customers can order a pizza Mozzarella, Margherita, Pepperoni or Neapolitan and harmonize with Argentine wine Intis (750ml) fro R$72 (+ 10%). In Cabaña del Primo (units Jardins Open Mall and RioMar), the tip is “Time to La Cerveza” at lunches on Fridays. At the time, tasting a glass of a premium beer is offered with an expert visit to the table to talk about product features. Many of the labels will have special deals: purchase of certain amount of beers, customers earn free gifts. Today the choice is the Belgian Védett.





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