Broths: Start the year with spoonfuls.

With the end of Réveillon parties, one under the weather body is the most common gift who abused spree. We help you get out of this with the true magic portions that are the broths – light, nutritious and very delicious.

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For those who have suffered the side effects of a night the recipe is almost always the same: take a very strong broth to “normalize” the senses. In addition to killing hunger, they are particularly effective in nourish and comfort the body. The fact that the ingredients are beaten makes digestion easier – ideal situation for a tired body. Creamy or more liquids, soft down throat – pleasant feeling that generates immediate well-being. Not coincidentally, easy go in comfort food list.

Can be lighter (when so weakened digestive system requires) or more robust rich (for those who, unlike needs more sustenance). Regardless of style, are always a good bet. For those who does not have a mother (or father, grandmother, wife, husband, employee) skilled in the kitchen, able to prepare a broth in these days of hangover, selected some sites that serve both during late night hours (after-party) as normal.


One of them reveals the specialty right from the name. Located in Fatima neighborhood, the Caldinho do Sucata offers broths in typical glasses pub in fish flavors (made with snapper or Sirigado fillet), beans (which still bears bacon and beef jerky), shrimp and panelada (basically with the same dish made with beef ingredients boxwood, but processed in a blender). In the Caldinho do Sucata, preparation of broths not very different from other establishments. The fish and shrimp, for example, are made with the animal’s head for flavoring.

In the recipe vegetables are added to give more consistency; in the end, the steaks are incorporated.

The Caldinho do Sucata also offers snacks such as barbecue skewers. The place is suitable for those who want to have a beer at happy hour with friends or colleagues after a day of work.

Not far away is the Boteco do Arlindo. With musical program consisting of chorinho live on Tuesday nights and samba on Saturday afternoons, the place is a guarantee of good fun. The menu offers fish and bean broth.


When it comes to stock, else sure to find something tasty is the Boteco Praia. Overlooking the Iracema Beach, the house offers options that do not run away from the traditional, such as fish stews, beans (with bacon, beef jerky and quail egg) and shrimp.

The big difference is the use of boiled potatoes in preparation, which gives a creamy consistency to the final result. Very rich in carbohydrates, the potato is ideal for that tired body that needs a power injection. Depending on appetite (and body layout) size allows repeating the portion and thereby establish more than one flavor.

If, however, the hangover is over and the will is to take a few drinks, the variety of the menu of Cervejaria Devassa makes it a recommended address. In this case the highlight is the full-bodied and spicy bean soup – delicious, able to quickly recover the spirit of any person (check out the recipe on the side).



Your search is in the morning? So one of the most traditional points Tocatins bar, which offers the only fish option – no coincidence, since it is a favorite of Ceará. Quite creamy consistency, it still takes carrots and other vegetables, served with toast topped with cheese. The bar offers delivery service to nearby locations.

If you became interested in the toast, accepted this advice: go straight to the Brazão restaurant on Iracema Beach, which serves one of the best garlic rolls, sliced, in generous portions accompanying broths. It is also certain point owls, as it is open until 5 am.

On the menu are broths, black beans (the order of the house and brings that delicious taste of feijoada), beans and the traditional chicken soup. But for many clients the star himself is the fish stock. Delicious, comes steaming from the kitchen.

In Mambembe, some broth were added in the first reform of the menu, such as black beans (with kale, crispy bacon and quail egg), impeccable. It also has the fish with shrimp (shrimp with quiet, coconut milk molhinho with coriander and toasts of fresh herbs) and crab (with crispy crumbs and coconut molhinho). The property also has a vegetarian option, the green juice – potato based with vegetables, garlic, onions and served with crispy cabbage and toastie herbs.

Now just choose.



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