Food on the streed: Fairs take the city

With outdoor food events scheduled throughout the month of June, Fortaleza witness a new fever in the market.

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Month of May is almost over, and those who followed cultural activities in Fortaleza has noted a profusion of gastronomic events. In all weekends, itinerant cooks and their foodtrucks walked by different parking lots of Fortaleza – and even the metropolitan region – offering flavors to a public eager for news.

If you did not follow this script, do not worry, June is coming and is also packed with events, with at least six fairs already scheduled . “It’s a special moment of creative economy “, says Rui Palácio, Seu Pudim brand owner and president of Foodtrucks Cearense Association, institution recently created to deal with this new slice of gourmet market. “People with the gift of cooking and that usually cannot express their creativity in a permanent establishment found a way to create different products”, he argues.


For Palácio, Fortaleza’s excitement with the so-called foodparks is not something temporary. “I think it is here to stay. It is a way to have a quick and cool meal as well as being a different activity for families”, he says. The President stressed says that in Fortaleza there is still no legislation to regulate the activities of the cars that sell food on the street, so the frequent use of parking lots and private spaces.

Another example is Circus Foodpark, held by an advertising company that worked before for other gastronomic events of the same size. “We wanted to make our event was not just an outdoor mall food court. We wanted to bring a concept behind it. Then we included some circus attractions that will be presenting along the programming”, explains founder Rafael Fleet. Scheduled for June 5th, 6th and 7th, the first edition takes place in a 10,000 m² area on the corner of the avenues Virgilio Tavora and Santos Dumont. Another feature of Circus is roaming: structure must be set in different private spaces in the city.


Reserva Foodpark, held in April, was one of the events that surprised both the organizers and the public: expected to take place over three days, was extended for another one. Davi Mesquita, from Mache! foodtruck, ensures that everyone involved in this type of initiative end up winning. “We attract customers to malls, as we have structure and privileged location”, he says.

Renata Valentim, from Antoinette Boutique is another businesswoman who has taken advantage of foodparks growth. “We try to be in all of them, since after the events we have got some loyal customers. But many are happening simultaneously, so we need to watch out so that our schedule does not get too crowded”, she adds.


The growth of interest in these events also drew government’s attention – specifically Fortaleza City Hall, which on July 11th provided support for the Chefs in the Square. The meeting took place in an open space in the city, Arquiteto Otacílio Teixeira Lima Neto park (Bison), located in front of Beira-Mar Fish Market. “People brought their families, extended their towels on the grass or occupied tables. It was a very different event”, says Solange Arraes, SECULTFOR (Fortaleza’s Culture Office) producer.

Another similar event held by SECULTFOR,  Retro Gastronomy Fair, in Estoril, also brings together chefs and entrepreneurs, but under a specific theme, based on the popular recipes of Brazilian families. “The idea is to rescue the cuisine of our grandmothers and our mothers”, says Aldiane Lima, one of the organizers. Despite this guidance, several kiosks and foodtrucks in the Fair does not fit in it.


Thinking of value professionals involved in this, SECULTFOR released last week for public consultation , the Food Festival of Fortaleza notice – 2015 Street Food. It will be selected 10 applicants, taking into account the diversity of flavors, quality, hygiene and food security.


The event will have five editions in different places in town. In addition to the exhibitors, the program must rely on cultural attractions. The text of the publication with information on how to apply can be found this website:


Circus Food Park

June 5th, 6th and 7th

Between Santos Dumont and Virgílio Távora avenues and Dias da Rocha and Desembargador Leite Albuquerque, in Aldeota.

Phone: (85) 8621.4506

Pátio Cocó Gastropark

June 12, 13 and 14

2977, Eng. Santana Junior, Cocó

Phone: (85) 3258.5353

Encontro Food Trucks Super Guará

June 19 and 20

2111, Dr. Theberge, Presidente Kennedy

Phone: (85) 3206.8160

Chefs na Praça

June 20 and 21

In Mercado dos Pinhões (Praça Visconde de Pelotas, 41, Centro)

and in Parque Bisão (Rua Tereza Hinko with Beira- Mar, in Mucuripe)

Phone: (85) 3105.1146

Food Park Dom Luís

June 19, 20 and 21

920, DomLuís, Aldeota

(85) 4012.5252

Lá fora Food Park

June 28, 29 and 30

85, Washington Soares,

Edson Queiroz –Iguatemi Mall

Phone: (85) 3458.0402

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