Paletos Mania

Palettes emerged in Mexico in the 1930’s, in the city of Tocumbo. It is a type of ice cream of Mexican origin produced usually from fresh fruits, prepared and consumed daily without preservatives and no filling. Until recently, almost no one knew palettes in Brazil, but were quickly approved by the Brazilian palate and turned success. With nearly double the size of a traditional Popsicle (with roughly 60 grams), the palettes have an average of 120 grams and married perfectly with our climate.

With factory in Fortaleza-CE, the partners have expertise to the development of the best Mexican market palettes. To deliver products with superior quality our staff are trained by qualified professionals and with extensive experience in the food industry. Passionate about flavors that provide moments of happiness in each palette, we bring our commitment with the consumer to always deliver that value – satisfaction, using quality ingredients and leaving our client with willingness to experiment more and more.

Today we have stores, kiosks and points of sale in Fortaleza (Benfica Shopping and Center Um), Metropolitan Region and Cariri Region.

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Av.Visconde do Rio Branco, 3927 - São João do Tauape - Fortaleza - CE

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