Panificadora Santa Rita

Panificadora Santa Rita is in the market since 1966, having as its founder Edmilson Alves da Cunha. His administration comes through generations, continuing to innovate bakeries,  improving the quality and diversity of its products.

Our service aims to satisfy the customer.

The bakery has undergone through renovations aimin the comfort and elegance of the architecture thus providing its customers a pleasant asmosphere.

Our products maintain the tradition since the bakery’s opening.

We offer products such as breads, cakes, soups, cookies, desserts, juices, milk-shakes, stuffed tapioca, etc. The pastel cookie, buttery slice, coconut bread, bread with cheese are some of the products that stand out in sales, in addition to our traditional French bread.

Address: Rua Padre Ambrose Machado, 644 A – Montese

Phone: 34639562

Address: Queiroz Ribeiro Street 534, Shop 3.4, 6 – Montese (branch)

Phone: 34919352

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Rua Padre Ambrósio Machado, 644 A - Montese

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