Santa Praia

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Santa Praia in Praia do Futuro beach, Fortaleza – Ceará, stands out as a pleasant place for cearenses and tourists, providing day and night attractions, intensified by the natural beauty of Ceará’s heavenly seafront.

The beach-tennis, foot-volleyball and beach-volleyball courts will encourage a healthy lifestyle for you to play, cheer or compete. Children area and lounges, complete the picture.

Regional cuisine is personalized by the chef Regina Mendonça, with excellent gastronomic experience from Degusti e Butiquim bar, giving a special touch in snacks and different dishes.

A combination of cuisine, entertainment and sport. With an architectural design reminiscent of a beach-house, and superb views of the sea, as well as beach tennis, foot-volley and beach volleyball, and a self-service buffet for lunch at the weekend. Among the appetizers, the speciality is the pasta-free drumstick with crab stuffing, corned beef and chicken. Other attractions are shows which feature national artists.

The restaurant tent offers several leisure options, with tennis, beach volleyball and volleyball courts, as well as an air-conditioned wine cellar, a playground, and lounges. The menu emphasizes regional ingredients with a contemporary touch. The chicken, jerked beef or crab coxinha, elaborated without any dough, is a good option for appetizer. For the main course, the best choice is the grilled fish fillet with capers and champignon sauce, with white rice and sautéed potatoes as side dishes

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Avenida Clóvis Arraes Maia, 3345 - Praia do Futuro

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