The Guide

Notice, know, see, visit. In the dictionary, all these words are synonymous to get to know. Therefore, in order to get to know something or somewhere, you need to go there, experience what is interesting and, preferably, share your experience so that other people can also enjoy it. It is not in vain that the Finding Out About Ceará Guide has such a name. Our goal is that you make the most of our suggestions and expand your view about the natural beauties and gastronomic and cultural variety of our State. This translates into the most varied experiences: eating, drinking, having fun etc.

Based in our specialists’ hints, the guide lists 100 places to visit, in several cities of Ceará, organized in 7 sections and 24 categories created to those who want to have leisure by the seaside (“A PLACE IN THE SUN”), to eat (“Mouth Watering”), satisfy your hunger for that sweet or coffee (“Sin of Gluttony”), enjoy yourself before and after parties (“Among Friends” and “Late night”), relieve stress (“To Relax”), and see in person some of the most well-known attractions of our State (“Tourist Spots”). Check out our suggestions and have fun!

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