Salad at the bakery

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Salada na confeitaria

Known for coffee, sweet and savory snacks, and some labels of special beers, Confeitaria Sublime now invests in news for lunch. From Monday to Friday are offered four choices of salads (R$25 each) – all very simple and very tasty. “We use the best ingredients for the best results “, says owner and chef Airton Correia. While “Nina” takes lettuce, basil, dried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, “Ella” brings lettuce, chicken, croutons, ceasar sauce and parmesan cheese. “Billie” is made with lettuce, spinach, fresh strawberries, and buffalo ricotta; “Sarah” with lettuce, crispy shredded cod, potatoes and boiled eggs and olives. Yes, all were baptized with jazz divas names, gender who heads the schedule of the house. To go with it, do not miss a strawberry lemonade (with strawberry and lemon puree, R$8,50), refreshing and delicious.

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