Dessert: To Sweeten

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After a full of delights lunch, to finish it could not gather more nostalgic and harmonious flavors: a piece of fresh out of the oven cake and a generous portion of ice cream. Recioe is an indication of Magus, establishment specialized in serving this type of combination in Fortaleza (85-4062.8622).

From there goes out everyday pots lined with white cakes, chocolate, brownie or even with cheesecake, covered by a layer of ice cream (there are several options of flavors). Syrups, fruits and other ingredients finalize the assembly.

For lunch on this Sunday, combination suggested is chocolate cake and coconut ice cream with curd, with wine to accompany. The suggestion of Garrafeira 520 is a sweet wine, late harvest, Argentine Surazo prepared with Semillion and Riesling grapes (R$103).

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